Airspeed Envoy (late 1930s)

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Airspeed Envoy (late 1930s)

Postby A30yoyo » Mon Aug 12, 2019 1:10 am

A pal of mine in the antiques world gave me this 8 inch wingspan 1930s Airspeed Envoy. Made of chromed brass , it was either a car hood ornament ('bonnet ornament' in the UK) or an ashtray type model with a screw thread underneath for a mount. I got the name wrong first time and reading a little more about the Envoy the full-size plane was produced in Japan as the Mitsubishi Hinazuru so there's an outside possibility the model is Japanese ( it's very neatly made) markings on the model, though Imageensign-1280 by A30yoyo, on Flickr.
A nice Spanish fullsize example (right-click)
and presumably a Japanese-built Mitsubishi Hinazaru
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