Comet / Authenticast 1/432 Italian ID models: wishlist.

These small scale wartime ID {identification recognition} models were produced in plastic and soft metal. After WWII Comet Authenticast reissued their products as boxed toys

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Comet / Authenticast 1/432 Italian ID models: wishlist.

Postby faxtolder » Wed Apr 28, 2010 8:56 am

Dear All,

I'm new of the Board, I'm an Italian collector of ID models, from Cruver and Comet / Authenticast.

I catch the occasion given by this section of the Board, to post my wishlist about ID models of Italian warplanes, that are currently missing from my collection:

Fiat CR42;
Piaggio P32;
Caproni CA133;
Cant Z 506.

CRUVER 1/72:
Savoia Marchetti SM 84.

WIKING 1/200:
I3 (Breda BA 65);
I9 (Fiat BR 20);
I11 (Savoia Marchetti SM 84).

If anybody is keen to sell one of those, please let me know!

Thanks, faxtolder
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