Cruver plastic 1:432nd scale IDs

These small scale wartime ID {identification recognition} models were produced in plastic and soft metal. After WWII Comet Authenticast reissued their products as boxed toys

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Re: Cruver plastic 1:432nd scale IDs

Postby faxtolder » Tue Feb 08, 2011 12:54 pm

Hi guys,

Sorry to dig out this old post, but I just found it and it's very interesting to me.
Indeed, as Bryan wrote, I also never heard of any plastic small 1/432 Cruver model of Italian planes...
So if GR has one, it has to be a really rare "test sample", never reproduced for big orders: GR, have you been able to check this once back to the US?

Thanks loads, Marco

BWBrown wrote:Hi GR -
I've never seen or heard of boxed sets of plastic Italian or Russian 1/432nds. I've seen two Russian planes - the PE-2 and SB-3. Have never seen Italian ones. What do you have? As with the Bronzart models, maybe they were produced to showcase the manufacturer's capability, yet never led to orders for boxed sets.
There are boxes for Italian and Russian 1/432nds made in metal by Comet. They aren't anything special, just heavy cardboard containers with Federal Stock No.'s on them.
Regards -- Bryan
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Re: Cruver plastic 1:432nd scale IDs

Postby ramseyd » Tue Feb 08, 2011 6:20 pm

Based on all my research, there were 10 Italian planes in the specifications (Device 5-BB) in the 1/432 scale. These were all produced by Comet in lead. Cruver, supposedly, only produced the US, British, German, and Japanese sets in the 1/ 432 nd scale with the two Russians as extras. I could also find no record of how these were shipped (i.e. maybe as part of a British Set or just as extra pieces). No Italian ever mentioned so would love to see this.

Curiously, some sets appear to have been shipped with different printing (font or size) on the paper inserts. I am guessing this would correspond to a date range, but have not been able to determine this.

Also I believe there are, at least, 5 different colors in the Cruver type 1/432 models.
War time Cruver in the dark green/gray color (with a pinhole through the model and the Cruver logo © on most). Post war models sold may be missing pinhole.
Post war Kix models in a light and a dark gray colors (US planes only). Also Bryan Brown told me he has seen a stripped color. Color variations likely from batches run at different times?
Post war, supposedly from the factory, white models. A few with ©, most not. No pinholes. I have only seen US planes.
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Re: Cruver plastic 1:432nd scale IDs

Postby faxtolder » Tue Feb 08, 2011 6:44 pm

Thanks loads! I do also confirm the ten 1/432 Italian planes made in lead by Authenticast.
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