Vintage United Airlines Ashtray Models- Rehberger

Models contracted and paid by the airlines to be put on display in travel agencies.

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Vintage United Airlines Ashtray Models- Rehberger

Postby sandmanoverhaul » Thu Dec 21, 2017 3:30 pm

A rare sight. Akin to the abominable snowman walking his unicorn. Here are two AC Rehberger United Airlines Promo Ashtrays from 19354 and 1940. These are nickel plated and representing two airliner developments for United. The one on left is the Boeing 247, the first metal airliner to represent an airline fleet and on right the famous Douglas DC-3 which was spawned because of the B-247 and simply outperformed all comers in the field. The bases are both from the same casting with UNITED AIRLINES embedded in the base front under the B-247 while the 1940 United logo badge is on the "neck" of the Douglas DC-3.

Both are in temporary residence here in the shop through the holidays then go separate ways in February.

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