Any Interest in an XB-32 ID model?

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Any Interest in an XB-32 ID model?

Postby G10N » Tue Apr 30, 2013 12:04 pm

The B-32 is my all time favorite U.S. Bomber, but there's not much out there in terms of models or surviving artifacts and almost nothing available for its prototype configuration aside from a couple wooden wind tunnel models. So to possibly fill in the gap I'm testing the waters to see if there would be any interest in the twin tailed XB-32 1/72 scale ID model in the Cruver likeness.
The model would be scratched built by Charles of
The ball park figure would be 300 dollars, but that would come down if there is enough interest to warrant a small run.

Please share your thoughts and let me know what you guys think.
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Re: Any Interest in an XB-32 ID model?

Postby BWBrown » Fri Sep 13, 2013 3:05 am

Hi Paul -
Interestingly, there likely was an ID model of the XB-32, but it wasn't a Cruver model in cellulose acetate. It was part of the earlier series in plaster. These plaster models are extremely rare today, for obvious reasons! No one knows how many different aircraft were modeled, but I have seen 23 different ones, including some pretty exotic stuff, like a B-23 Dragon, O-52 Owl, BT-13 Valiant, Brewster Buffalo, PT-19 Cornell, B-17C, and LRQ Bristol (a USN amphibious glider!), to name a few. Almost all were of US Army and Navy planes, with two foreigners thrown in: the I-16 Rata, and T-98 Dick. I have a tail piece from the aforementioned XB-32, but I have never seen the complete model. These were made like the department store mannikins of the era, with a plaster coating slathered over a wire mesh foundation. I could go for one of those!
Cheers! -- Bryan
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